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Copper Spiral Classic Bar Spoon

Product Code :   NJO-505 CP

Copper Spiral Classic Bar Spoon

A cocktail can be either stirred or shaken. According to experts, in a cocktail that does not contain opaque ingredient, like juice, we loose the silky texture and rich mouthfeel of alcoholic ingredients by shaking it. Therefore, it is recommended for the bartenders and visitors to try once only stirring the ingredients. Stirring a cocktail is also an art, that involves minimal arm movement, steady rotation of wrist and making minimum noise of clanking ice cubes. The copper spiral classic bar spoon we offer is the best combination of beauty and class. This long, thin, stirring spoon with oval shaped head and disc at other end can be great addition to your bar spoons collection. Impress your customers with your bar accessories set.

Length: 28 cm, 30 cm, 33 cm , 40 cm , 45 cm , 50 cm  

Special Features:

  • Used for stirring and measuring ingredients
  • Helpful in layering liquids in a glass
  • The disk at one side is for muddling or crushing sugar cubes