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Copper Bar Spoons and Stirrer

NJ Overseas Private Limited is a manufacturing company that has become specialized in copper bar products accessories. Of many accessories, spoon stirrer is accessory in bars, that is used for stirring cocktails or mocktails. The bar spoon stirrer is made of copper. The piece of copper has to go through many steps to take the shape of beautiful spoon stirrers. Once the spoon stirrer takes its shape, it undergoes finishing, cleaning, polishing and lacquering processes. The company has the capacity to manufacture number of bar spoon stirrers in a row. Designed in number of styles, these long stirrer with thin handle and tiny stirring head also comes with a spoon with a skull design head. Apart from developing spoons and spoon stirrers, the company also provides copper drinking straws. We also use materials, like stainless steel and gold, that makes our collection unique, authentic and classic. If you a restaurant owner or a collector, expand your collection of bar spoons stirrers of copper, stainless steel or gold today.